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Welcome to Techichi Maya Kennel

We are happy to greet you in our kennel. We would like to present you the smallest, gorgeous and one of the smartest dogs breeds in the world—Chihuahua. We extremely respect Chihuahua breed and try to have ones of the best exemplars of Chihuahua in our kennel. We are passionate about Chihuahua and believe that Chihuahua can make people and families happier. Just one meeting with a representative of Chihuahua breed makes you understand that Chihuahua is everything that you have ever dreamed about.

General Information

In our kennel we have representatives not just from Estonia, but also from Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Russia and Germany. We cooperate with different Chihuahua kennels around the world and would like to share our experiences with our partners, friends and people who love Chihuahua. Our partners are our friends and we try to share our best experiences with each other. We put a special attention on our dog’s health and living conditions. It is the reason why our dogs and puppies have very good pedigrees and strong health.

Our Males

We are proud to present you our best Chihuahua males. Our males are our legacy and we are happy to have males with the best pedigrees from Belgium, Estonia and Russia. Emylou des Petits Mickeys (Macho), Elui des Petits Mickeys (Elik) and Gary, Tekiche Maja Hazar, Tekiche Maja Charodey II, Leroy de Alamos are our pride. Our Chihuahua males have been chosen carefully and we always try to have the best Chihuahua bloods in our kennel. We offer our males for copulation in Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden and other European Countries. If you are looking for extremely small male for copulation—feel free to contact us.

Here is a brief review of the puppy. Tico is really Beautiful puppy! He captured the hearts of our family and became a family member. Great color and good nature. A lively playful puppy, a real companion dog.

 Watch his own instagram!

Jarkko, Tico's Father 🙂

A magnificent dog’s kennel. All puppies are very clean breed.

Sean Killian

Безумно счастливы, что обрели это маленькое чудо!

Анатолий Бычков

Thanks for the beautiful dog! She’s our princess and we’re happy!

Lilly Carter